A Spring (Peter Rabbit) Inspired Baby Shower

 What a road it's been these last few months. Last September for my birthday I received quite the surprise gift of having the privilege of becoming a grandmother.  

It was a surprise but not unexpected.

Our daughter has always been such a loving and kind spirit and talked about becoming a young mother like I was when I had her. We were and are just as excited to become newly grandparents as much as they are becoming parents for the first time.

Unfortunately her first trimester wasn't the easiest. Definitely very different from my experience. Luckily her second trimester looked and felt a lot better and we're thankful that both my daughter and baby are healthy and strong.

She's due come the beginning of May, so we're officially on baby watch.

In the meantime, in the last month or so it has been so much fun planning and celebrating baby Flynn (daddy's last name btw not baby's first name). Baby's first name is yet to be revealed to the rest of the world, but in the meantime we wanted to embrace his last name.

Now let's talk 'baby shower's', as some of you may know, my daughter had a couple of showers, this one being the first one. That being said, reason being is because this one was strictly for her's and Randal's (baby daddy) closest friends and it was a co-ed shower.

We wanted both shower's to differentiate therefore my daughter wanted to begin with a vintage garden Peter Rabbit theme. We didn't want the Peter Rabbit to over power the vintage outdoor garden theme therefore there was only hints of him throughout the party.

Location of the baby shower was the French Estate in Orange. My cousin was married here a few years ago, and they're popular for hosting weddings, but it's perfect for hosting smaller celebrations like baby shower's, bridal showers, anniversaries and birthdays as well. They normally book out far in advance so we made sure to reach out very early in our planning process, which was three months out. It was the perfect setting for her co-ed baby shower.

I'll be sharing links throughout this post and at the end of the post for your reference.

The photos above were taken on my phone but the remainder of the photos below were all taken by our sweet and close friend and freelance photographer Klaui Varadi. She did such an amazing job as always and we can't thank her enough for not only being our guest but taking the time to capture these special memories.

Coming up with fun yet easy enough games that the guys can also play and enjoy wasn't an easy task but it was definitely fun searching ideas and of course ETSY for the win!

Digital downloads are the best and of course Canva was also life saving when it comes to creating games of your own. All you have to do once you've downloaded your digital copies, is print them at your local Staples or Office Depot, cents per page, so it doesn't cost too much. 

We had a taco catering service for the main food but we also incorporated some finger foods and desserts along with the simple buttercream marble cake from Susie Cakes that was simply decorated with flowers, edible gold flakes and topper.

My daughter and mom-to-be wanted to incorporate part of our business desserts into each of the shower's so we did with some of our infamous sugar fondant cookies.

Of course we couldn't forget dad-to-be's favorite dessert, Krispy Kreme chocolate donuts. We realized we hadn't ordered our donut dowel holder on time and my sweet husband got crafty and created one for us. I've linked a similar one below from ETSY, which is what we were planning on ordering but the one my husband made just worked out better and now we have one handy!

I'm so proud of my girl and I know she's going to be the best mom.

We're so excited, happy and proud grandparents!

This game is an oldie but goodie and it was for the boys only!

Take home shower favors were homemade rosemary infused olive oil. 

Tags from my sweet friend, Melanie at Modern Typography, she's been my personal source for years now and I always order tags from her for any and every occasion.

Parents-to-be ❤️ 

And last but not least, this shower was planned by me but if it wasn't for the sweetest girls below, my daughter is lucky enough to call her best friends, this shower would not have come together so beautifully and in the timely manner that it did! They worked so hard and made themselves available at my requests when needed. I love them as much as my own daughter!

Literally a week later, second shower with ladies only for his and her's families and friends. 
Stay tuned.

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