Helpful Tips: How To Encourage Your Children To Not Be Picky Eaters

If you have children, you could soon find that one of the biggest battles is getting them to eat all their food. 

If they are picky with their food it can be a nightmare trying to cook for the family and you can get up having to cook multiple meals for everyone. Instead, try to sort their relationship with food as early as possible to give them a better chance as they grow up. If you love food, there’s no reason your children won’t too.

If you are looking to encourage your children not to be picky eaters, I've put together some top tips that are sure to help. 

Cook with your kids

Make mealtimes fun by cooking with your children. By getting them actively involved and teaching them things such as how to make crunchy tostadas or how to put together a pasta dish, they will be proud to eat it and happy with what they have created. 

Let them have responsibility with as much as possible (depending on their age) they will also acquire a useful life skill for when they grow up too.

Take them shopping with you

Another way to get your children to not be so picky with food, is to take them shopping with you. Have them identify different ingredients and point out fresh fruit or veg they might like to try. 

Having them pick items, ask questions and encourage curiosity is a great way for them to learn more and have a better relationship with their food rather than just something that appears in front of them every night. Teach them about eating healthily and about different nutrients.

Encourage them to try things more than once

If your kid professes they hate something you’ve made, get them to try it more than once. You will soon find they may actually learn to like it. 

You can also try to cook it in different ways, adding different flavors so it's something unique. Take potatoes for example, if they hate mash but love chips, why not try them with roasted or boiled potatoes? It might be the texture of the mash they dislike as opposed to the ingredient itself.

Eat as a family

Eating as a family encourages children to have a better relationship with food as they will see you eating and be more inclined to do so as well. It’s also a great time for you all to chat with each other and catch up on what your days have been like and what you’ve all been up to. Turn mealtimes into a fun and social occasion.

These are a few top tips that should help your children to be better with their food. Showing them the process from buying the food to creating and eating, it can help them to understand more about it and be less picky. It’s also good to show you love food and encourage them to as well. 

What are some top tips you have for combatting picky eaters? 

Let me know in the comments below.

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