Spring Puttering + My Latest Projects

 I've been doing a lot of puttering if you will lately. Between planning baby shower's, life and working, it has been a fun distraction making spring updates around our home. 

Especially now that I have a little bit of time before our grandson arrives, I figured it's the best time to catch up on a few other projects, I've been putting off. Including sharing with you all here.

As the years have gone by I've grown to be more present in our home and lifestyle, and this year in particular I wanted to embrace more of what I love doing without the heavy (or pressure) of having to share right away.

Putter(ing): to do things in a relaxed way, without rushing or trying very hard.

With a grand baby on the way and all of the planning and prepping that goes into it, it's also been a realization that some things are just not going to get done and will need to wait.

Though there is still quite a few things to cross off the list which will happen in time, in the meantime clearing out winter and giving our home a spring refresh has happened slowly but surely. I've been so ready to enjoy warmer weather, I love spending time outside with my plants and our dogs.

Some of the most recent changes as of lately have been the office got a new look, with some furniture rearranging due to having added these Billy Bookcases from IKEA that I repaired and painted.

Also gave our fireplace a facelift which had been on my mind for quite a while now and though this is not the final look that I want for it, it's definitely a dramatic yet refreshing feeling to finally give it a fresh coat of paint.

I used leftover paint and one of our favorite black colors to use around our home on walls and furnishings is Onyx by Glidden in eggshell finish.

Besides that we also decided to change out our living room rug. We still have our rug from before because there is nothing wrong with it besides needing a good cleaning, but with a puppy, we didn't want to risk her staining it or wearing it out too soon. Once she surpasses that puppy stage we will probably bring it back out. But in the meantime, I purchased this 7x10 Target Threshold area rug to replace the other and it's a flat rug therefore she can play and run and slide all over it and it's totally fine.

It's definitely a different look from our previous rug and probably more or less boho with a warmer look and feel it gives to this space. It's definitely not a forever rug but it works for now.

I'm still loving the look of my bedroom dresser also and I love that the black gives it a modern yet still very classic look with the design of the dresser. 

For the dresser I used Liquorice by Country Chic Paint and used their Satin Clear Coat.

So there you have it, just a few projects I started with so far this year, not much considering we're on month four of 2022. but I'd say puttering is exactly that, simply enjoying the season and changing just a few things at a time without the pressure of having to do it.

I'm excited for bigger and more projects I have planned down the line and for the remainder of the year, but I'll have to share those as they happen.

Our downstairs half bath is definitely on that list though, so I cannot wait to share more on that.

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It always makes me happy that you're here and hope that these ideas inspire you. 

Thank you for stopping by. Stay tuned for more coming soon.

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Thank you so much in advance friends!

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