Help The Backyard Is Flooded… Again!

Okay, no not really, but I'm here to share some friendly tips and advice on how to keep this from happening in your own backyard or front.

Having a large backyard can add fantastic value to your property. It is a space that you can shape to add new features and functions, whether you make it into a cozy fire pit area, a flower paradise, or even a secondary home for guests. 

However, things can take a turn for the worse if your backyard has a flooded problem. What are the signs?
  • The soil is always wet in places
  • Stagnant puddles of water
  • Muddy patches
  • Areas where no plants can grow
Does this sound familiar? A wet backyard could put your property at risk instead of enhancing it. Indeed, it could lead to flooding in parts of your house that face the backyard, whether the garage, basement, or conservatory. 

Additionally, the water can also seep into your foundations and lead to further structural damage. So, how can you tackle the issue?

Fix structural problems first

As mentioned, stagnant water around your foundation could lead to damage to the structure, such as causing uneven floors inside your home and leaving doors and windows out of alignment. Experts at Centex Foundation Repair recommend organizing a foundation inspection when you start noticing cracks on the walls and misaligned features. 

When water presence weakens your foundations, it can affect the whole property. It's important to note that you will still need to get hold of the backyard issue, but you can't ignore its consequences on your house structure. 

Consider the slope in your garden

Your backyard's natural inclination could encourage the water to flow back to your property. If this is the case, it's important to correct the slope and create a flat surface. You can level a simple slope by building terraces, which can create a stair-like design in the garden. 

Yet if the slope is too significant, you may want to get in touch with a professional landscaping company to sort out a solution. Landscaping can help level the surface and create a draining solution so the water has an escape route. 

Check your soil

Compact soil can struggle to absorb water. This can happen, for instance, for properties that used to have a different purpose in the past, such as building a house at the emplacement of a former car park or where a previous building used to stand. The pressure could have compacted the soil. 

So, it's crucial to consider simple solutions to aerate your backyard soil. The good news is that it's fairly easy to introduce air under the surface. You can use gardening tools to poke holes through the surface, which will ensure the soil can move around and leaves room for the water to seep through. 

If the ground is far too compact, you might consider digging and turning it over, which is a time-demanding task. Digging is also a great way to check for anomalies under the ground. It is not uncommon to find wastes from a former building site, such as bricks or pipes used when the house was in construction. 

Is your backyard the kind that gets flooded at the first sign of rain? This may be due to a slope that makes it impossible for the water to escape. Alternatively, compact or cluttered soil can also affect how the water is absorbed. Yet, if you have frequent puddles of stagnant water around the house, you may want to check for foundation damage too! 

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