8 Tips for Growing More Flowers in Your Front Lawn

Flowers are a great way to add beauty and color to your yard. 

They can be fragrant, colorful, not to mention the fact that they just make the exterior of your home look much more welcoming. 

You can use these tips to grow flowers in your lawn or just in your garden.

1. Select the right type of soil for your flowers

There are many different types of soil available to choose from. The type of soil that is best for your flowers depends on the size and variety of the flowers you want to plant. Just keep in mind, that the soil that your grass likes on your lawn may not be the soil that other plants, such as flowers will enjoy.

2. Plant the flowers at the right time of year

It is important to decide when to plant flowers in your garden, but also the right time of the year. It can be pretty simple, on the back of flower seeds, it’ll tell you when certain things will grow and when to plant them.

3. Keep weeds under control with natural solutions

So, what does it take to make your front lawn look nice? Well, the first step is weed removal. Weeds are a nuisance that can cause damage to your garden and outdoor environment. However, you can avoid having to deal with the problem by using natural solutions such as vinegar, baking soda and vinegar. But, mulch and coffee grounds have also been known to help with this.

4. Use a good flower fertilizer for your lawn

When it comes to caring for your lawn, you may have heard you should use a good flower fertilizer. These fertilizers are made specifically for plants, so they release needed nutrients into the soil to keep your lawn healthy and strong. They are also less harmful than commercial lawn fertilizer.

5. Water plants regularly, especially during dry spells

If you want to keep your plants alive, it's a good idea to water them daily. But many people neglect to water their plants during dry spells. It's important to water your plants regularly so they don't die and end up in the trash.

6. Avoid overwatering and plant near a drainage area

Overwatering can be a disaster for your plants. You need to strike a balance between not over-watering and under-watering. Also, you should watch out if you’re putting flowers or other plants in pots. Pots tend to have poor drainage.

7. Mulch with wood chips or bark chips to keep moisture in the soil

Mulching is a great way to keep moisture in the soil and prevent weed growth. Bark chips are just as effective because they have a high water content. Wood chips, on the other hand, are less porous and don't absorb as much water.

8. Balance out shade

You’re going to need some good Tree Care for your garden. The goal of shade gardening is to maximize the amount of shade plants get while maintaining a diverse planting. Too much shade means no flowers, but too much sun can mean too much wither. 

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