A Gender Neutral Boho Baby Shower Brunch

You might remember the first shower we hosted for my daughter and her beau and closest friends. But just in case you missed it, you can read all about the first baby shower in that post here.

This second shower was intended for ladies only which included friends, immediate and extended family of both Faye and Randal (parents-to-be). They both have quite a large family between the both of them, therefore two showers were necessary to squeeze them all in.

Myself and my daughter's MIL took care of putting this particular shower together and thankfully it came together seamlessly. A lot of time and brainstorming but all well worth it when the day had finally arrived. 

We really appreciated Kelly and Jason (Faye's in laws) for opening their home to be able to host.

Thankfully we have a lot of friends and family in the party planning industry therefore it was so fun to be able to utilize their services for this joyous ocassion.

I will make sure to source everything at the end of this post, but don't scroll down just yet because there is a ton to be shared beforehand.

We can't thank my daughter's friend Klaui who is also a local photographer. For the last couple of years she's been taking professional photos of our family and we are so happy and thankful for her to have taken photos of both showers because not only are her photos incredible but it's definitely less stress on us as hosts.

So if you're ever in need of a professional photographer look no further and I highly recommend it when hosting events, you'll not only have to worry less but these beautiful photos will last you a lifetime.


Being that this shower was gender neutral and minimalist I wanted the party entry to reflect exactly that. And it just so happens that the dad-to-be has some talented aunties and small business owners on his side of the family. 

Therefore she created exactly what we had in mind with this clear acrylic 'welcome' sign. I simply added extra dried greenery from the last baby shower and some extra roses we picked up at Costco which were the perfect blush pink.


As guests walked into the foyer we included the same sign that I created in CANVA and guest book from the previous shower as well. Along with photos from Faye's maternity photo shoot that Klaui also took.

For the photos I purchased a variety of picture frames from Target, no more than $10 spent on each.


As guests made their way towards the back of the house where the party was taking place, this was the view as they walked in. We wanted the cake to steal the show and to be the show stopper if you will and it did just that. Along with beautiful and tasty desserts created by Randal's aunt who happens to be a caterer and cupcakes by non other than PaperCrownSugar.

For the cake we were originally going to add boho dried flowers but realized it didn't need it as we added the topper that not only we used at their baby gender reveal but also the last shower. It really was a beautiful cake and we wanted it to be appreciated as is. Not to mention it was delicious!

Along side the cake besides the desserts, cupcakes and more maternity photos we also decided to place the Favor Boxes for grabs as guests headed out after the shower. 


Both showers took place at brunch hours, we love that time of the day because it's the easiest to host and doesn't take away from someone's day if they have other engagements to go to.

Both Kelly and I planned out the menu along with the mama-to-be. We wanted to make sure her favorites were on the menu. It was mostly finger foods and easy grab and go foods buffet style.

Guests got to enjoy charcuterie cups, turkey pinwheels, avocado toasts, yogurt parfaits, salad and quiches! Not everything was homemade but most and it all turned out so delicious.


I wanted the games to be easy and fun at the same time. Etsy was my source for the games, besides the tie-dye onesie station which technically isn't a game, but fun, we also had the guess the size of her belly.

Otherwise the other games were all paper written games. Here's what we played.

The Price is Right
Baby Word Scramble
How Big is Her Belly


Centerpieces were easy, we purchased the boho dried flowers from both Amazon and TJMaxx, lots of stores nowadays carry dried flowers just have to find the good deals.

The roses were a lucky find at Costco while were shopping for some of the food items. They happen to be the perfect shade of blush pink and matched perfectly with the rest of the decor. The baby's breath and eucalyptus were left out to dry from the previous shower and added the perfect touch of whimsy to the arrangements.

Vases were both thrifted finds and dollar store purchases. We painted some of them to match the theme as well. We went with three variations of vases on each table and spread out the rest throughout the party.


Besides lemonade and sweet iced tea, we had plenty of brut for mimosas on hand not to mention the mama-to-be's favorite sparkling and Boxed waters.

My sweet girl and mom-to-be catching up with her guests.


These were a ton of fun to put together. I love when take home favors are handcrafted to feel like a personal gift. Because guests should feel appreciated and that's exactly how these cute hand made gifts looked and made our guests feel. 

Baby Shower Sources:


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