Saying Goodbye To Your Relationship Might Just Save Your Family

When you have children, you always hear phrases like ‘you should try to make it work for the kids’ when you tell someone that you and your partner are having issues. 

The issue here is that it promotes a toxic environment for everyone in the house, negatively impacting the kids anyway from the atmosphere. 

In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the reasons that saying goodbye to the relationship might just save your family. 

Keep reading down below if you would like to find out more. 

If There’s More Misery Than Happiness

The first reason that this might be the best option for you is if there is more misery in the home than happiness right now. If you two make each other miserable, then what is the point in being together? 

The kids are going to pick up on it, it’s not as though they won’t notice that you don’t get along that well anymore. Do you find that if you are apart or don’t speak for long periods, it’s easier to talk when you do come together? It could be that you still care for each other, but spending all your time with them and the stresses of life just aren’t what you want anymore, and that is okay. 

If it has gotten to a point where everyone is miserable more often than they are happy, it’s time to call it quits and save the family as a whole.

You’re Only Together For The Kids

If you are only together for the kids, this is not a good enough reason to be together. The kids will be fine if you’re apart, but they may not cope or grow up with a healthy view of relationships if you and your partner are constantly fighting and disagreeing. It’s more likely that things are only going to get progressively worse if you continue to stay together for the children, rather than splitting up romantically and continuing to coparent the best that you can. 

An Amicable Parting

The final thing that we want to say is that it’s important that there is an amicable parting if possible. If you quit while you still like each other, then this is going to be a far more pleasant experience than if you stay together to the point where you can’t stand to be in the same room. 

You might think that it will never get this bad for your family, but it does in a lot of cases and it makes it harder for the children. You can look into family law attorneys if you are married and require a divorce, but there’s no reason for this to turn ugly.

Hopefully now, you can see that sometimes it’s saying goodbye to the relationship that is going to save your family in the end. We know that a lot of people don’t think this way, but it’s far better for children to grow up with two parents who are apart and happy than two parents who are together and miserable. 

Trust us when we say that sometimes, letting the lost relationship go is the only way to maintain the close family relationship that you still have.

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