5 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for Summer Nights

With the weather getting warmer and the days lasting longer, now is a great time to get ready for summer nights with friends and loved ones. 

Here are some easily done ideas.

Light Up Your World

Like many, you probably spend a long time in your garden. You tend to the flora, keep it free from pests and make it a lovely place for all to enjoy. But perhaps something is missing that you can't quite place. Well, it's the lighting. A garden is made so much better with layered lighting, much like your home. Bring a water feature to life. 

Provide much-needed ambiance. And literally light up the way. Landscape lighting services like Gallivan can install all kinds of lighting solutions. Or you can purchase solar, LEDs, and traditional lighting for your garden.

Stay Warm and Cozy

Summer is known for its heat. Unless you're in the UK, of course. But all jokes aside, the summer sun can be almost unbearable. This is why it's a bit of a relief once the sun goes down. However, so does the heat. And even in summer, it can get a bit chilly outside. But that doesn't always mean the relaxation and good times have to end. 

A popular trend these days is to stay warm with a cozy fire pit. These come in all shapes and sizes and accommodate coal or logs. Or you could even place electric or gas patio heaters around.

Get Ready for Summer Nights with an Outdoor Cinema

The global cinema industry is worth over $40 billion per year. Meaning pretty much everyone in the world enjoys a good old flick. But modern technology means you don't need to huddle up in a room with hundreds of strangers to "reel" in the good times. You can make a home cinema with a clean white bed sheet and a smartphone. Smartphone projectors are very affordable these days and offer surprisingly good quality. Or you could spend a little more on a full-screen projector. However, these can be bulky and won't connect to extras like Bluetooth speakers. 

Don't Forget About the Food

Of course, if you are a foodie, there's only one thing that comes to mind when you think of summer; the barbecue. Once a year, "old dusty" in the corner gets fired up to cook some fantastic culinary delights with a flavor that just cannot be matched by even the best kitchen gadgets. 

Some quick recipes you can cook in no time at all on a BBQ include jerk pork and mango skewers, glazed chicken wings, and thinly padded burgers. Always ensure there is a layer of ash on your coal and the flames are completely gone. And never reheat BBQ food.

Replace Tired Furniture

For all the cozying up and sitting outside you plan on doing this summer, you need to be comfy. Outdoor furniture is an excellent alternative to tired plastic chairs. But which items you get are defined by their quality and your budget. 

For some reason, perhaps commercialism, garden furniture is pretty expensive. And you really get what you pay for. Rattan and bamboo are pretty popular these days because they are sustainable. But they're also costly. On the other hand, they look stunning in any garden and will last a long time if you look after them. 


It's exciting when you can get your garden ready for summer nights because you know good times are ahead. 

So add some lighting to your garden, add a fire-pit, and dust off the BBQ.


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