All Your Body Pain Questions | Answered

Full disclosure, I am no medical expert but I am an advocate for health and wellness and with full experience and friends having the experience of body pains, I felt this post was more than appropriate to share with my readers for informational purposes.

Pain is something that affects vast swathes of the population. And much of it is chronic, meaning that it sticks around for far longer than it should. 

Pain is a complex topic and tends to affect people differently. Fortunately, this post is here to answer all your questions. 

Here’s what you need to know:

What Type Of Pain Does Myalgia Refer To?

Myalgia comes from the root word “myo” which refers to muscle. Therefore, a person who has myalgia is said to have muscle pain and may wish to visit a chiropractor.

What Is Phantom Pain?

Phantom pain refers to the sensation of pain in a limb lost due to trauma or amputation. Many patients experience pain signals even though the limb is no longer there. 

For most people, phantom pain begins after surgery, then slowly decreases in intensity for around six months. In some people, it can disappear entirely, whereas, in others, it may last longer. 

How Do Painkillers Work?

While painkiller adverts imply that painkillers go “right to the source of pain,” that’s not actually how most of them work. The majority of over-the-counter painkillers change the way your brain responds to incoming pain signals, making them more manageable. It doesn’t block pain receptors at the source. 

What Is Neuralgia?

In the past, many soldiers complained of experiencing a condition called neuralgia. This refers to pain in the nerves, usually concentrated in the head. 

Neuralgia is different from arthralgia which is the pain located in the joints. It has the same root “arth” as arthritis, a condition of inflammation in the joints. 

Can The Brain Feel Pain?

Interestingly, the brain does not have any pain receptors across its surface. That’s why some patients can have conscious brain surgery, being fully awake throughout the entire procedure as surgeons fiddle about, removing bits and pieces of brain tissue.

With that said, the brain is where humans experience pain consciously. 

What Is The Most Common Joint For Pain?

The most common joint for pain in the body is the knees. After that are the fingers, shoulders, and hips. 

Is Chronic Pain Resistant To Treatment?

Doctors consider chronic pain a type of pain that lasts for more than twelve weeks. Medical professionals believe that chronic pain cannot be cured. However, they may suggest that patients take pain medications long-term to control symptoms. 

Other alternative therapies are available, including psychotherapy, relaxation, acupuncture, and electrical stimulation. Some patients may also benefit from biofeedback, tai chi, and massage therapies. 

How Does The Medical Community Classify Pain Intensity?

The medical community classifies pain intensity on a subjective scale of one to ten. People with pain levels between 1 and 3 experience mild pain that doesn’t interfere with most of their daily activities. 

Those with pain in the 4 to 6 range experience more distressing and intense pain that prevents them from enjoying some activities. And those with pain levels from 7 to 10 can’t function at all and are unable to work or exercise.
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