How to Build the Perfect Sunroom

How to Build the Perfect Sunroom

Who doesn’t love a sunroom? 

It’s a place to have your morning coffee, sit and read a book, meditate, or have a quiet moment to yourself to enjoy the peace and quiet. 

If you have the space and you are looking to build a sunroom, or if you already have one but want to revamp the area, here is how to build the perfect sunroom. 

Make Sure You Get Sun

First and foremost, does the sunroom get sun? If you are building out to create a sunroom, make sure you are doing it in an area that gets ample light. The sun doesn’t necessarily have to shine through the windows, but at least let there be light. 

In other words, build in an area that isn’t covered with trees. If there’s one in the way, then get in touch with a tree removal company to get rid of it. 

Once you know how the light is going to look, that will help you determine what colors you may want to use in the room, what kind of furniture will fit well, and what you want the overall decor to look like.

Make Sure You Have Great Windows

In order for the sunroom to get great amounts of light and sun, you are going to need great windows. Window installers will be able to tell you right away what windows you need or what windows you need to replace. 

Floor to ceiling windows are always best, but you may also want a window that you can open to let in fresh air as you relax. 

When building, make sure those windows face the direction of the sun so that you can feel the light on your skin as you are enjoying the space. 

Get Some Plants

Sunrooms are the perfect place to put plants because of all the natural light the room is going to get. Plants also keep the air clean, and they bring a bit of nature into your home. Having plants in the area where you want to meditate or be still adds the perfect kind of energy to the environment.

If you choose plants that don’t require direct sunlight, you will be able to fill the space without having to put plants directly in the windows. 

Plants also add the perfect accent to how you choose to decorate the room. 

Make It Comfortable

A sunroom is a great place to relax, so it has to be comfortable. Choose furniture that is soft and inviting. Getting a couch or chair that is also a good spot to take naps is ideal. You are creating a sanctuary of sorts, so knowing that you can be cozy while you are in there is ideal.

If you live in an area that has four seasons, you are going to want a place where you can sit for a long period of time and take in the changing nature. 


Make your sunroom unique to how you relax and how you want to spend your alone time. Set the stage for a place where you can journal, close your eyes, or clear your mind. 

Fill it with your favorite things and maybe even your favorite people, if you’re in the mood.

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