Ideal Career Ideas If You Need To Fit It Around Family

You might be on the lookout for a new job or career, if this is the case then there are a few things you need to think about. There are many considerations when it comes to looking for a new job, the first is what hours are you available. 

If you have children and/or pets to fit into the equation then you don’t want to take a job working long hours. 

This is not only impractical but could mean you will miss seeing your family. It can be tricky thinking of a job you can fit around family commitments. 

Take a look below for some ideas you might like to consider. 


If you have a teaching background or any sort of teaching experience then the most ideal job to fit around your family is a tutor. A tutor is usually self-employed which means you can choose your own hours. If you wanted to work straight after dropping the children at school, right up until you pick them up, then that is absolutely fine. 

Be aware that some tutor jobs will be after school as its parents getting extra help for their children. There are also two types of tutoring you can look into. The first is at-home tutoring, this is where you go to the child’s house or they come to yours for their session. The other is online tutoring, this has really taken off since covid-19 shut everything down. It has kept going strong as it is something that works for a lot of families. If you are working as an at-home tutor then make sure you have lots of resources to hand, you can even set a variety of projects for students on your books. 


Something else that you can work around the children and set your own hours for is freelancing. When it comes to freelancing you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. As well as setting your own hours, you also set your own fees. 

Remember to cater to the fact that you have to cover your taxes and insurance when you set your prices. If you have a niche such as writing then why not become a copywriter. Here, you will write articles for a variety of websites and blog sites. 

If you sign up to the freelance sites that are out there then you can slowly build up your client base. Be aware that some of them contain people that want you to work for free. Always make sure you issue invoices that you can chase or get paid upfront. 


If you enjoy using social media and writing about all the important events that have been happening in your life, think about becoming a blogger. A blogger is someone that writes articles about things they are interested in or about things their readers are interested in. This then gets published to their site for all to see. 

There are all-around blog sites that contain a bit of everything and there are specific sites for different subjects. For instance, if you enjoy cooking then you could start a cookery blog. This could detail your favorite recipes and how to do certain dishes. 

If you have children then you could start an adventure blog. These usually have all things to do with children from newborns to teens. Blog sites are sometimes a mum’s only source of entertainment and company when they are at home with kids. You might like to write about all the adventures you go on with the kids, including day trips and parks. 


If you have worked with children and enjoy this line of work then think about becoming a teacher. If you have school-aged children then a teaching job could fit in perfectly. You may need a little bit of wrap-around care for an hour or two if you don’t teach at the same school as your children. 

If you have experience with children then you are already halfway there, take a look at teaching degrees and see which course suits you best. Remember, one downside is that teaching isn’t 9 till 3, it lasts a lot longer than that. You will also need to decide which age range you want to work with and whether you want the little ones or the older ones. The biggest benefit to working in a school is you get the school holidays off work, this is great as you won’t need to find childcare for the children. 

Alternatively, if you like the idea of working in a school with children but don’t want to become a teacher then why not look into support staff. This includes all classroom assistants and office members. Whatever role you take on within a school means you only work school days and times. 

Buy & Sell

If you want a career that you control then how about buying and selling products online. You can even sell your homemade products the same way if you are keen on arts and crafts. Homemade products are becoming increasingly popular, they saw a huge increase in sales due to people being stuck indoors and taking to online ordering. This will fit in with your family life and if you have the space available then you could work in an outhouse or shed. 

This keeps all your tools and bits away from the children’s hands. Something that is popular and has a lot of followers is up-cycling. Up-cycling is where you take an existing product, improve it, and give it a purpose once more. A lot of people love the idea of owning a chest of drawers or a wardrobe that has been up-cycled. 


Finally, if you are looking for the ideal job to fit around your children then why not start offering your childcare skills. Childcare is such a varied career path. You could work as a nanny in the child’s own home or you could also work in your own home as a child minder. What better way to look after your children than to do it while looking after others. 

This career is a great way to ensure you are making money while also ensuring your little one gets the social engagement they need to grow and develop. Child minders are self-employed, so you choose when to open and how long to stay open. Make sure you get registered with the appropriate bodies so that parents can find you and make use of your services.

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