3 Types Of Compensation Packages For Personal Injury Cases

Every year, the US has to deal with over 400,000 personal injury claims from the public. Workplace injuries, damages suffered from accidents, health risks from defective consumer goods, etc., are some situations that may require compensation. 

Sometimes, the process for claiming compensation may take longer than expected, which is why you need legal representation

Also, how informed are you about the different compensation packages available? Here are a few available.

Special compensatory damages

This package is purposely created to reimburse all expenses due to a personal injury. It is not only a payment for the medical bills incurred from a personal injury caused by others. This package is structured to consider medical expenses incurred from the point of injury to post-medical treatments like physiotherapy. 

In other words, the focus is not only on the injury sustained. It also includes how it has affected your living expenses.

When you are a victim of a personal injury caused by a motor collision, one of the first things to do is to contact a car accident law firm. You will need experienced legal representation to maneuver the tricky and complex processes that compensations often present. A vital tip here is to keep records of all medical bills and receipts you had to pay for during your treatment.

It would also be best to store soft copies of these receipts as a backup when the time comes. Special compensatory damages are quantifiable and easy to calculate. The reason is that each type of damage has an attached price that helps the court arrive at the actual compensation due. Special compensatory damages also go by other descriptions – actual, economic, or tangible.

General compensatory damages

General compensatory damages target the effects of a personal injury and are not necessarily related to the medical expenses you might have incurred. Other explanations describe it as the post, non-tangible ripple effects that an injury causes to wellbeing and livelihood. Most personal injury victims who apply for special compensatory packages also get general damages awarded to them.

Indeed, the two often go hand in hand because a personal injury almost always triggers physical, mental, and emotional repercussions. In some instances, there may be a loss of consortium, and that inconvenience must be recognized and compensated. This is why it would be in your interest to request general damages when you apply for an actual compensatory package. 

Punitive damages

Unlike the above two, which are often rewarded together, punitive damages are only added in extreme cases. When you sustain injury from another person's wrongful and despicable behavior, punitive damages can be awarded. 

Aggravated battery and sexual assault are two examples of instances where punitive damages are awarded to the victim. This reward is often described as 'exemplary' because the objective is to punish the offending party for causing grave harm to another.

Statistics indicate that victims receive punitive damages only 5% of the time. And there has always been a lingering question of how much is enough for punitive damages. Legal experts say the decision always rests with the courts. However, the average reward ranges between $50,000 and $60,000.

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