Tips For Making Your Living Room Feel Fresh

Everyone has their own take and style, and combining hints of that personality with contemporary furniture tends to work out very well. And right now, a lot of people are on a mission to modernize their homes. 

Why? Because the decor style is getting old! Maybe you don’t like that color paint anymore, or you’re sick and tired of that white carpet; you could do with looking at some fresh decor! 

This tends to be a problem most of all in the living room. You spend most of your time in there, and it’s usually the room people see first when they pop round. 

As such, you can be incredibly worried about the way it looks, especially if you’ve got a nosy neighbor who loves to come round for coffee at inopportune times! 

So here are some tips for making your living room feel fresh again. 

Use Lighter Colors

The lighter the colors you use, the brighter and fresher your living room will feel. If the light can bounce around, you’ll feel like you’ve got a much wider and open room to be in. And that means you can fit more furniture and soft furnishings in there without the space feeling overcrowded. 

Try to get some lighter paints to use, or a patterned wallpaper that features light elements; flowers and birds and faux brick are the most popular choices here. And if you’re a fan of darker, more bold colors, don’t worry! You can still use that deep blue or green on one or two walls and then use a brighter shade to compliment it elsewhere. 

Redress the Windows

Your windows are huge parts of every single room in your home. Because of that, it’s best to redress them first whenever you need a change in your home’s decor. And in the living room, they’re going to add more impact than ever. No matter what way round your decor is oriented, whether you’re facing the windows or being bracketed by them from behind, redressing them with an updated style will work wonders. 

For example, getting a set of plantation shutters installed instead of hanging heavy blackout curtains will go a long way to opening up your space. It always feels fresh to have more room to make use of! And these shutters will help to make the room feel brighter, especially alongside that lighter color scheme you’re planning to use. 

Place Some Tall Plants

Plants are always a lovely addition to a room, but it’s tall plants you need to focus on here. The kind of plants that cost upwards of $50 per pot that you can stick in a corner and wait to grow. Because if you’ve got a tall, green, and vibrant plant bordering the space, the whole room will feel much more alive. 

And when you want to feel refreshed in your home, that’s a killer move to make! Plants such as small palms and fig leaf are two great choices, and there are so many more you can add to your living room. Yucca is a very popular choice, thanks to the plant’s unique look, and just how easy it is for the stem to reach the ceiling. 

Add New Impact to a Feature Wall

If you’ve already got a feature wall, it's time to rethink the way it works! Sure, it’s got a few shelves and some decorative pots, clocks, and books on it, but you could be so much more impactful here! A feature wall exists in the first place to be a focal point, and if you find it fading into the background these days, it’s clear you need to do something a little drastic. 

For example, adding more texture, like a new wallpaper behind the shelves that blends into the wider wall color, is a great way to redraw the eye. You could also add more items that feel ‘wild’ in the space, such as different sizes, crazy shapes, and colors that don’t exist anywhere else in the house. And the more of these items you can blend together, the better your feature wall will function. 

If you want your living room to truly reflect you, it needs to change as much as you do. So take some time to modernize where you need to and some more impact here and there. A refreshed look will make you feel ten times better in your own environment, and it doesn’t have to be all that expensive to achieve either! 

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