Some Doable Hobbies for Busy Parents

Parenting is a busy and important task, but if you don’t look after your wellbeing and make time for yourself, you can become moody and lethargic; this transfers to the rest of your family. 

Instead, make time for a new hobby or reconnect with an old one or ensure you have the energy and enthusiasm for the work ahead. 

Find some great hobby ideas for busy parents in this blog post. 

Garden Planting 

One of the best hobbies for busy parents is garden planting; not only can you cultivate plants and vegetables for your family, but you can get them involved in the process. Garden planting doesn’t have to be large-scale; you can use a small garden planter at the back of your home. 

Gardening is a relaxing activity; not only can you spend some quality time outdoors, but you don’t have any pressure to complete a task or reach a goal. Gardening involves a little knowledge of the plants and tools required, but when you know what you’re doing, it’s easy. 

Language Learning 

If you have a busy family life and you feel like you are giving too much and not receiving enough in return, it could be time to start a new activity and increase your mental capacity. Learning a language is practical and challenging; you can learn languages in your spare time with apps. 

These days, there’s no excuse; you don’t need to sign up for an expensive course; all you need to do is download an app like Babbel or Duolingo and learn a language of your choice while your kids are sleeping or you are waiting for them to finish their swimming or soccer lessons. 

Audiobook Listening 

Audiobooks are the perfect hobby to have for a busy parent because they allow you to enjoy a novel, short story collection, non-fiction book, or podcast while you work. There’s no need to sit down with a hardcover book and mug of tea to read; you can read while you carry out chores. 

Again, audiobooks and podcasts are very accessible using apps; all you have to do is download them and sign up. One of the most popular audiobook platforms is Audible, which requires a small monthly fee and gives you credits in return. Burn through a huge back catalog of books. 

Photography Skills 

If you have an eye for photography, you might enjoy photography as a hobby. These days, smartphones contain very advanced cameras, almost as good as DSLR quality; this means you can take amazing photos every day and perfect your craft while you take care of the family. 

There’s another advantage to improving your photography skills; you can make some money with your picture. Send your photographs to an online stock photo website, and you could earn a profit every time someone uses them. Better pictures and suitability command higher fees. 

Learn Adobe 

Do you have some time to spare through the week? You only need an hour or two to start learning the Adobe suite and honing your craft. The Adobe Suite has always been the best digital software on the market, but these days it’s available on the cloud for a monthly fee. 

The Adobe Suite contains Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, and lots more. If you have a talent for art and design, you can have a lot of fun with family photos, animations, and other digital projects. Adobe Creative Suite is simple to learn but hard to master, so stick with it for results. 

Stamp Collecting 

In recent years there has been an interest in the past, new styles are heavily influenced by old looks, and some of the culture of the past has returned as well. Stamp collecting was once popular in the 20th century but fell out of favor with younger generations, but it’s a fun hobby. 

If you are interested in the nations of the world, history, and cultural connections, you might enjoy the process of finding rare stamps online and sticking them into an album. This hobby can be enjoyed between household tasks and earn you money as well with stamp appraisers

Start Journaling 

Do you have a writer in you? If you do, you don’t have to abandon your ambitions because you have a family; instead, you can find bits of time here and there to write a novel or short story and try to get it published. It’s a common myth that you need an oak writing desk and time. 

The great thing about writing as a hobby is that you don’t need any special equipment; all you really need is a notebook and pen, and these days maybe a phone. Writing a novel on your phone is a fun activity that you can work on while you wait for the kids instead of texting friends. 

DIY Projects 

If you are the handy type, then you might enjoy a DIY project in your spare time. There’s always some time in the day that you can use for DIY projects such as upcycling a bookcase, painting an accent wall, or creating a raised bed for your garden. It’s also good to learn as you go along. 

In recent years, there has been a shift toward the circular economy, which means that more items are being upcycled and reused. Head down to the local thrift market to see what you can find and turn your home into a sustainable paradise. It’s easy to get DIY tips and ideas online. 

Minimal Homes 

Some people like a home that is full of colors, patterns, and objects, but others prefer one that is stripped back and minimal. If you are in the second camp, you might like minimalism. Minimalism is the practice of reducing your home to basics and choosing elegant linear styles. 

A minimal home is aspirational when you have a busy household; chances are you will have books, toys, and magazines all over the place. But that doesn’t mean you have to abandon the project; with the right planning, you can have a stress-free minimal home that is easy to tidy.


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