Top Christmas Gifts For Children 2022

With Christmas poking its head around the corner and appearing in just 12 weeks, it is time to start planning those gift lists. It can sometimes seem impossible to know what to get for your children. 

The best idea, if they are old enough, is to ask them what they want. Some children enjoy making lists and will happily sit down and write a long list. If they still believe then you could make it into a fun game, tell Santa what you would like for Christmas. 

Take a look below to find out some of the highly anticipated toys for kids. 

Remote Control Monster Truck 

If you have children who love monster trucks then they will adore being the proud owner of their very own. You may have taken them to the monster truck show, which is very loud but also incredibly popular. If your child’s favorite monster truck is Gravedigger then they will love this remote control one. 

Thanks to the big wheels, it can go on all-terrain and works well on hard flooring as well. The most amazing pro to this car is the nose and tail wheelie stunts that it can perform. The only con to this vehicle is the short battery life. 


Finally, if you and your child enjoy reading then there are some great books out there to get for the festive period. You can read these together or they can take themselves off for some quiet time. Reading is a great skill that every child should learn, developing reading from a young age is paramount. If you are looking for a wonderful collection of books then take a look at for some inspiration. 

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand has been popular for a few years now and it is still up there on the most popular Christmas gift lists. There is something special about buying sand that doesn’t leave a mess everywhere, it is every parent’s dream! Kids love the way kinetic sand feels in their hands, it is soft and foamy. This might be why it is always on their Santa lists, plus the fact that they have released so many different varieties. 

The only downside to owning and playing with kinetic sand is that it attracts all other household dirt, dust, and pet hair. However, if you ensure that the kids playing surface is clear before opening it then you should be fine. 

Paw Patrol

Finally, there is a high percentage of toddlers that love Paw Patrol. They run around the living room saying ‘CHASE, CHASE’. Now they can own their very own Paw Patrol tower from the movie that was released earlier this year. The tower comprises working components such as ramps and lifts, it is sure to bring hours of fun to you and your little one. 

Be aware that this doesn’t come with all the vehicles, however, it does come with all of the characters. This is rare as usually, you would have to buy them all separately. Batteries are also not included with this toy and will need to be purchased separately. 


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