Why You Should Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. 

People often assign food to certain meals, such as pizza for dinner or bacon for breakfast, but what you eat for your first meal of the day really doesn't matter. 

The whole premise is that you are breaking your fast overnight, and if you are somebody who can't stomach breakfast in the morning then you need to readjust what you are eating. 

For example, if it's bacon that you're not stomaching you might choose to switch to smoothies which are lighter and packed with goodness. That doesn't mean that bacon isn't packed with goodness, there's just a time and a place and sometimes it's not 6:00 AM! 

There are some good reasons to not eat breakfast, but if you are struggling and you really want to get back into eating it again here are some of the best reasons why you should.

  • You want to lose some weight. For those out there who are looking to lose weight, skipping breakfast probably isn't the best idea. Eating breakfast every day is actually a very common trait among people who have achieved good weight loss and maintained it. 
  • There are studies out there that showed that those who eat a Big Breakfast with more than half of their daily calories will lose more weight because they then have a smaller dinner in the evening. This means their stomachs are emptier when they go to sleep, and they are burning through fuel in the form of fat overnight.
  • You are trying to boost your nutrient intake. There is research that shows that those who rarely eat breakfast consume fewer nutrients. We mentioned smoothies earlier on, and these are excellent for getting nutrients into your body early in the day because you are consuming all of the OR nutrients blended down into a glass. You can add things such as spinach and cucumber to a smoothie, or you can go full fruit and have mango, pineapple and papaya. Any of these natural options are packed with nutrients.
  • You will decrease your risk of diseases. Did you know that breakfast could protect your health? Those who skipped breakfast were more insulin resistant which is a risk factor for diabetes. Carb and whole grain breakfast foods like oatmeal contain plenty of fiber that can reduce your cholesterol. As we get older, cholesterol reduction should be a priority.
  • Breakfast can help you to feel fuller for longer. As long as your breakfast is balanced you will feel much fuller for much longer and you will decrease your risk of overeating later on in the day. When you are busy working, and you don't have time to eat lunch, being able to eat a full breakfast is going to help you here. You'll be able to burn off your food through the morning and then when it comes to eating again have another large meal mid-afternoon and you will be set for the evening.

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