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The Sunshine State's most enduring tourist draws will always be its theme parks, especially Disney World and Universal Studios, but these are far from the only adventures to be had in Florida. 

Beyond amusement parks, there is a vast array of entertainment options, and this list is expected to grow. 

Visit Florida for a few days or a couple of weeks, and you won't run out of things to do, thanks to the state's abundance of stunning beaches, top-notch museums, and fun activities for the whole family. 

Some of the most enjoyable reasons to visit Florida (that aren’t Disney) are listed below. 

Amazing Culture 

Florida is one place where there are lots of places to have fun and learn. When you go to this place, you can get tickets to dinner theater, Broadway-style shows, concerts, and other events in many major cities. You can also go to cultural places like the amazing art museums and museums about aviation, history, and even science.

Beautiful Beaches

It's no surprise that Florida is renowned for its beautiful beaches; the state boasts miles upon miles of pristine coastline with calm waves, fine sand, and breathtaking vistas in every direction. South Beach and Venice Beach offer a lively atmosphere, while Lido Key and others offer a peaceful retreat from the city.

If you'd rather not get wet, several of Florida's shores include beautiful bicycling and hiking trails, as well as boardwalks with excellent food and shopping options. Lounging in the sun and sea and staying in a beachside hotel like the Best Western Saint Augustine sounds like a perfect way to spend a holiday in this paradise. 

Lots Of History 

Florida has a rich and varied history, which you can learn more about on your visit. Florida residents are descended from a wide variety of ethnic groups, including the Seminole, Timucuan, and Miccosukee, as well as liberated slaves, 

European explorers, and Haitian and Cuban refugees. The blending of different cultures over the years has resulted in a cuisine, language, art, and architecture that is unlike anywhere else. 

Amazing Weather 

Florida is well-known for its pleasant year-round environment, with mild average temperatures that drop just slightly during the winter. The state experiences lengthy, hot and humid summers from May through October and short, dry winters from December through February. A lot of people come during the winter to enjoy the warm tropical weather.

Natural Parks 

Natural parks are abundant in Florida, which is another reason to travel there. The vibrant Florida Reef and the spectacular Everglades National Park are only two examples of how generous Mother Nature can be, and both are located in Florida.

Visiting the Gulf Island National Seashore during the periodic migration of swayer butterflies from Mexico is a must if you are visiting this area for a holiday

In reality, this is an annual occurrence that few people around the world will ever get to witness. 

Therefore, if you're lucky enough to visit Florida and experience this, count yourself among the lucky few.
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