ICYMI: We Moved To Utah And Sold Our CA Home!

Okay so it's been over two months now since our daughter made the move, then I followed a month later with our son and my husband was the last to join us here in Utah a couple of weeks ago. 

So it's no BIG news that we have moved out of state, BUT in case you missed it over on my Instagram stories and recent posts that we moved out of state, then consider this our official announcement. 

Here's a short backstory just in case you haven't been in the loop for very long.

The turnaround of this move happened a lot sooner than we had expected, but like I've said it has been way overdue. Our original plan was to move as soon as our son graduated high school back in June of 2021 and here we are almost a year and a half later. 

We didn't get around to planning too much ahead, in fact, Alex and I realized that if we didn't make this move now, we probably weren't going to until retirement came around for him.  At that point I told him most likely I wasn't going to want to move. So earlier this Summer we decided to make a trip to Utah and scope out areas we might want to settle and get a feel for the overall lifestyle here because it's definitely a lot different than California.  

It didn't take very much convincing soon as we got here, we've wanted a slower, quieter and more humble lifestyle for a long time. Though we're both raised in SoCal and love a lot of what it has to offer, we knew it wasn't our forever home, it's definitely the opposite of what we wanted for long term living. And soon all the pieces fell into place.

It wasn't easy leaving all of our family and friends behind but knowing that our son and daughter and her family were coming with us, made it that much more fulfilling.

Saying goodbye to our first official owned home wasn't easy.

We had expected our home to sell a lot sooner than it did, but with interests rates being on the rise, apparently we had just missed that window of bidding home wars. Nonetheless we sold it last week finally. 

We missed the opportunity to take a family photo on our front porch before we left, which makes me a bit sad because we loved that house, it was our first owned home. But we have plenty of pictures and videos especially on my instagram that I've shared in years past.

The photos below were taken by a professional realtor photographer and as much as we tried to prepare for it, Lola (our boxer) managed to undo a few things by jumping back onto our sofa and bed, life with dogs there is never a dull moment. Definitely learned that a realtor photographer is not a home stager therefore you better have everything perfectly tidy before leaving. He diid move some things around but beds and pillows were not fluffed unfortunately as I would have wanted.

So here's a wider view from the view that I've normally given you.

This home taught us a lot. Though only less than 1500sq ft it was defining. We are far from finished with the upgrades that we would have wanted to do ideally but we are hopeful that the next family who will own this home will cherish and finish what we started.

Just as we were getting ready to upgrade the kitchen countertops and cabinets, this decision came along and brought all that planning to a halt. The countertops had already been ordered and soon after we made the decision to cancel due to the move. 

This home has come a long way regardless from when we first moved in and was quite the challenge but I'm definitely going to miss it. It was our very first home after all.

And though so many memories were made here we're ready for a change. We're definitely going to miss our friends and family and seeing the as often, but we won't be far, just a drive or flight away. 

We've been dreaming of being surrounded by mountains and trees for quite some time. Don't get me wrong we love California and all it's perks especially the beach but we're ready for a less fast paced lifestyle and definitely more serene and green.

I don't think I ever gave you guys a view or tour of our son's room, so here's your first and last sneak peak. He's a private guy and we didn't get around to doing all the upgrades and changes we wanted to in his room, but overall he's a very minimalistic kind of guy. Hoping he'll let me help him decorate his next room even if it's moulding and paint.

Our backyard got switched around a little earlier this summer due to my husbands Smoker which he got for Father's Day this year. And we were glad we did it plus the small upgrades we did back here made all the difference for us and hopefully the future homeowners. I'm going to miss it out here. 

This space was small but mighty and definitely very relaxing and enjoyable.

Well that's a wrap for this California home tour. And our official moving announcement. We're now in the midst of buying a new home. In the meantime our son, the dogs, husband and I are staying with my daughter and her family. Thankfully they have a big enough house which she shared a tour of here

We're thankful that they've made room for us during this time and hope to be out of their hair in no time but only time will tell. 

I'll make sure to keep you all updated on what's to come.

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