What are Some Favorite Things to Eat in Winter?

Welcome to winter! 

Okay, not literally but practically. It's felt like winter around our neck of the woods for a while now.

So I'd say it's that time of the year to try and stay warm and well with some hearty winter meals and recipes you can learn to make and turn to time and time again. 

Anything from soups to sweet treats, this blog post has something for everyone, so read on and prepare to be inspired in the kitchen this winter. 

Winter Soups 

When you come home from the office in the cold, or you return from a winter walk or hike, the best thing to eat is a winter soup. Winter soups come in all varieties, and they are perfect for cold days; not only that, winter soups are highly nutritious, ensuring you get your five a day and more. Winter soups you might have heard of are lentil soup, vegetable soup, and minestrone.

Winter soups are a favorite in most households for a variety of reasons. First of all, winter soups are easy to make; all you have to do is put all the ingredients in a pot, add hot water and vegetable stock, and boil it until the veggies are soft - you can then decide if you want to blend it down or not. Additionally, the veggies for winter soups are super easy to find in the winter. 

Winter Stews 

Winter stews are similar to winter soups, it is also easy to source the ingredients for them, and stews are simple to cook. Unlike soups, winter stews are also easy to store, so if your family doesn’t devour the meal in one sitting, you can put it in a Tupperware container and freeze it for an easy weekday meal. Winter stews are a wholesome way to feed the family in colder months. 

Winter stews are made using winter vegetables, some stock, and a stock pot. First, gather your ingredients; you can make a winter stew using beef or a beef alternative if you are a veggie family. Put all of the ingredients in the pot and boil the kettle. Fill the pot with boiling water and cook until the veggies and beef are soft, then put the stock pot in the oven for a lovely stew. 

Surprising Foods 

When you think of winter recipes, you think of soups, stews, and steaks; you might not think about tacos right away. Guess what? Tacos are a winter favorite in some parts of the world - namely Mexico - so why not indulge your international palette this winter and try out a Mexican winter favorite that ticks all the boxes when it comes to taste and the simplicity of the recipe? 

Air fryer shrimp tacos are where it is at! This Mexican favorite is a hit at the dinner table in winter thanks to its bursting flavors and healthy cooking style. If you want to introduce this meal to your family this winter, you will need a recipe for air fried shrimp tacos, but the good news is a quality recipe is easy to find. Simply gather the ingredients and follow the recipes for excellent results. 

Steak Meals 

The winter season is not complete without a steak meal every now and again. Steak is considered a high-quality meal in most countries and regions, but it all depends on the quality of the steak you buy. If you want to cook delicious steak meals for your family, source some high-quality meat in your local area and get some advice about cooking the steak to order. 

Whether it’s a Sunday meal, a special occasion, or even Christmas Day itself, you need to make sure you get the steak recipe correct. Along with cooking the steak in the most suitable way to cater to individual tastes, you also need to get the sauces right. Some favorite sauces for a steak meal include whiskey sauce, garlic sauce, black pepper sauce, and mushroom sauce.

Winter Treats 

As if the favorite meals on the list were not enough of a treat, we have a recommendation for some alternative treats and desserts to win the compliments of your family members at the dinner table. 

Why not finish a delicious meal with a sweet coffee, decadent hot chocolate, or irresistible home-baked cake? Discover what’s possible right here and learn how to make it. 

Final Thoughts 

Every season has foods that are more popular because the ingredients are more available and the meals suit the mindset of individuals and households. 

Winter has some very characteristic foods available such as soups, stews, sweets, and even Mexican tacos. 

If you want to get the mood for winter this year, don’t forget to try out some of the seasonal favorites in the article. 

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