Gift Ideas For Those That Are Hard To Buy For

When it comes to holiday gifting, you might be stuck for those you deem “difficult to buy for.” if you get stuck and cannot think what to get those you cannot think of ideas for, you have come to the right place. 

This guide will share some ideas to help you get out of your gift idea rut and ensure you get a special gift for your partner, friend, parent, colleague, or anyone you find hard to buy. 


Jewelry is a gift that anyone will love, use, and appreciate. Whether you want to buy your mum a beautiful set of earrings or your partner a new chain necklace, jewelry is a gift that will always be put to use. 

For instance, a modern cuban link chain is a stylish gift that any man will love to receive. They can wear this daily if it suits their lifestyle and fashion preferences. Or, they can wear it occasionally should it not suit their job. 

Either way, it will be a unique piece they can wear to accessorize their outfits. 

A planner

Whether your gift is for a teenager or a grandparent, everyone can benefit from having a planner. A planner allows people to be and stay more organized with their daily chores, homework, work tasks, and more. 

You could get a personalized planner to make it more unique. Or, a standard planner for those who like things plain and simple. You will know the design/color preferences of your gift receiver. 

Therefore, a planner makes a great gift for those who are hard to shop for.

An experience

Many people think about physical things and objects when they think of gifts. However, a gift can be an experience. Getting someone an experience is a great way to help them make more memories and have something to look forward to. 

You could buy a skydive, a cooking class, or anything that resonates with that person. You could get them two or more vouchers so they can take someone with them and enjoy the experience together. 

A Gift basket

Whoever you need to buy for will love to receive a basket full of their favorites. You could fill a basket with their favorite foods, drinks, games, or anything you can think of. You can stick with the food theme and add biscuits, cakes, sweets, and more to the basket. You can make it personal and add things you know they will love and use most. 

For instance, your gift receiver might enjoy sewing and knitting. If so, you could fill their basket with knitting books, essentials, and more so that they can enhance their knitting and get more into their hobby. 

Although you might think your gift receiver is impossible to buy, there will always be something to fulfill their needs. Yes, some people can be hard to buy for, but there will always be something they can use. 

If you cannot think of anything personal, a nice voucher or pamper package will be a good idea. They will get used and ensure you have gifted the person regardless of finding it hard to make it personal. 

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