How To Prevent And Deal With Mold In The Home

Mold is a nightmare to deal with in the home and something that you want to prevent and avoid at all costs.

With that in mind, there are steps that can be taken to avoid mold from growing in the first place and in cases where the mold has grown, professionals may be required. 

Here are some tips to prevent and deal with mold in the home.

Improve humidity levels with a humidifier

Mold often occurs when there are high levels of moisture in the air. These high humidity levels mean the home should be ventilated more and if it isn’t, then chances are mold is going to grow. This mold can turn into spores which can be extremely dangerous for anyone living in the home.

Consider purchasing a humidifier as this is a great machine for helping draw as much of the moisture out of the air as possible. When it comes to humidifiers, it can be helpful to place them in rooms where the mold is likely to be more present. 

For example, the bathroom or kitchen can tend to be typical spots to focus on.

Fix any obvious leaks in the home

Leaks can cause mold and dampness problems if they’re not noticed quickly or fixed immediately. Try to do regular inspections of the home, especially in places where there’s a lot of pipework. This is likely to be the main place where problems occur and fixing these leaks can help prevent any further problems where mold services might be required.

Open the windows when cooking

Windows should be opened when cooking because the heat from the kitchen that’s been created, is likely going to generate a lot of moisture on the windows in this room. It may also spill into other rooms that might be close to the kitchen too. 

To help prevent mold from growing or dampness from forming, be sure to keep the windows open at all times and at least for ten or twenty minutes post-cooking. 

Ventilate rooms when drying clothing

Be sure to ventilate rooms when it comes to drying clothes. Drying clothes in rooms where there are no windows open or ventilation, is going to cause dampness and more importantly, it’s going to lead to mold. Try to keep the rooms ventilated when clothes are being dried manually. 

To prevent this, if your washing machine has a dryer function, then it’s worthwhile drying it in the machine instead.

Bring in professionals for mold problems

Sometimes mold can’t be prevented and that means a professional hand might be needed to fix the issue. Mold often doesn’t go away of its own accord and it may be that the removal you’ve done before, hasn’t quite gotten rid of it all in its entirety. Call a professional in if you feel enough hasn’t been done to correct the problem.

The appearance of mold can be worrying and in some cases, can cause health problems to those who live in the home - especially when it comes to young children. 

So be proactive!


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