Legal Issues That you Might Run Into Over the Winter

The winter months don't come alone; there are cold temperatures to navigate and some of the issues that arise from difficult conditions. 

Make sure you are prepared for the winter and that you understand your legal rights if you encounter some issues. It's also a good idea to know where you can find a lawyer when you need one, especially one that's suitable for a claim. 

Low temperatures in the office or workplace

The temperature in the workplace needs to be reasonable and comfortable enough to work; if this is not the case, a company might run into some legal issues and require a lawyer. For health and safety reasons, an office environment should not fall below sixteen degrees at work. 

If the temperatures plummet and you find that you can no longer work to the best of your ability in the office, it could be time to talk to your managers or begin some industrial action with Sitkoff & Hanrahan, LLP, don't accept working conditions that are not suitable or supportive in winter. 

Issues you might encounter on the roads

One o the most common reasons you will need a lawyer in the winter is because of incidents on the roads. The roads in winter are typically treacherous because of black ice that develops in cold temperatures. Black ice is clear and reflects the tarmac underneath, making it hard to see. 

There is a high chance of a road-related accident in the winter due to black ice and inattention. Not only do you need to pay more attention when driving it's a sensible idea to have your vehicle serviced and prepared for the colder months. Also, try to practice defensive driving.

Slips and falls due to ice on the local streets 

It's not only individuals and businesses that might get a letter from your lawyer this winter; the local authorities could also be a target. Again, black ice is treacherous in the winter, and not only for drivers; people walking on the streets can also slip and fall when the tarmac is not treated. 

It's the responsibility of the local authorities to treat the roads and streets with salt and grit to prevent falls and injuries. If you suffer a fall in your local area and the roads have not been properly treated, you might have a legal claim against the authorities; get in touch with a lawyer. 
Family issues due to fallouts over the winter

When the temperature fall and the festive season begins, your family are spending more time indoors and in each other's company. When families are living in close quarters like this, there can be issues that come up and might require a family lawyer to help you navigate the situation. 

If you think you might have a family issue over the holidays, it's a good idea to source a family lawyer that you could turn to in a difficult situation. If you don't have a family lawyer, it's worth thinking about because they get to know the people involved and offer a compassionate service. 

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