November Wrap Up

 I don't normally do a monthly wrap up but I thought it would be nice to start considering I haven't done a newsletter in a while maybe even make it a monthly blog post, but we shall see.

November, hmmm well it flew by for starters. I sometimes feel like this month goes unnoticed considering how much goest on in preparation of Thanksgiving and all of the sales before Christmas. But it doesn't mean it's not a good month.

This month wasn't at all how I expected it to go. In fact we were supposed to be moved into our new home by now but we have had quite a few bumps on the road. Truth is I can't even begin to tell you or explain because I feel like it's been such a whirlwind of emotions. But to sum it up, we should have closed on our home by the 15th and here we are still trying to figure some things out. Now we're just hoping we're moved in before Christmas otherwise, my December blog post will tell you all about it.

Considering all of that, we enjoyed our second month of being here in Utah. We even experienced winter arriving early with snowy and cold weather. October was definitely fall weather all around in the 70-60 range but November has been nothing higher than 40-30's. Not complaining but it's been a nice change and adjustment for us Cali folks. It's a good thing we moved here specifically for the seasonal weather. I can't begin to tell you how in love we are and we're attempting to explore as much as possible on weekends and week days when possible.

Besides not closing on our house and the weather cooling down, I also started a new job on November 1st, which soon turned out to be short lived. Unfortunately the economy is already affecting us slowly but surely. I was somewhat disappointed but glad it happened sooner than later, I'm now on the verge of searching for another similar position and doing my best to work with what I currently can work with which is my blog and social media influencer brands. With that said, your support is always appreciated especially when you shop my links and visit me here in this cyber space of mine.

There is probably a lessoned to be learned in the process of all of this unraveling and I'm certain we're being made aware sooner than later. And we haven't let it get us down because there is positivity happening all around us as well.

With my husbands new job and getting to spend time with our daughter and her family while we figure all these things out. Taking in the season as much as possible and being present with it as often as we can be. Seeing so much through our grandson's eyes again has been a gift in itself.

We're so excited for whatever HE may have in store for us in the near future and now we wait and see what December has in store as well. We're excited to celebrate the season these coming weeks so stay tuned and make sure to follow over on my Instagram stories and I'm trying to get better about posting on TikTok as well 😊 

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