Five Upgrades To Make To Your Kitchen In 2023

Transforming a kitchen is something that can greatly benefit a home, especially when it comes to the property’s value. While a kitchen is a costly upgrade, not every property needs a full renovation. 

Some may only need a few tweaks and changes in order to transform the space from drab to jaw-droppingly spectacular.

There are plenty of upgrades that can make a big difference to the space. 

With that in mind, if you’re looking to make some changes to your kitchen space this year, here are five upgrades worth making.

Add in a tiled splashback

A tiled splashback is a great way to transform the kitchen space. It can help to protect the walls and makes for a great alternative to having to repaint the walls every few years. With the right tiling, you can add an eye-catching finish to the space.

For some kitchens, adding in tiling is easy enough and there’s a lot of tiling to choose from. From marble-effect to matte pastel colors, the tiling can be tailored to your own personal preference. 

Install a hot water tap

For next-level home living, the installation of a hot water tap is a game changer. It’s a great option for those who are looking to speed up the process of getting a hot cup of coffee or tea in the early morning. 

While many will wait for the kettle to boil or a coffee machine to heat up, an instant hot water tap is a great way to cut corners and get hot water in a matter of seconds. 

These hot water taps are a lot more affordable than they used to be and come in a variety of shapes and finishes.

Invest in smart appliances

If you’re someone that’s more than happy to embrace smart technology, then incorporating a few smart appliances into your kitchen is worth doing. From smart dishwashers to microwaves and ovens, there’s so much out there now to take advantage of.

Being able to control everything directly from your phone is well worth the investment, so why not get a few upgrades in this area?

Get organized with storage

Storage is important because it keeps everything in the best-organized state possible. With this in mind, it’s worth exploring what options are out there. From integrated cabinet storage to removable storage options for your fridge or pots and pans.

With storage, it’s all about finding options that adapt to the space and utilize what is already there.

Consider a full renovation

For those that are hoping to transform their whole kitchen, it’s worth considering a full renovation if you have the budget available. With a kitchen showroom, you can hand-pick everything you want to do with the space itself. For some, it might be a complete restructure and for others, it may be a case of just ripping out the old and replacing it with the new.

These upgrades to your kitchen can help kick off 2023 in the right way, so take a look at what’s possible for your space.

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