How To Prevent Water Damage In The Home

Water damage can happen in any home, whether it’s a brand-new property that’s only been standing for five years or a home that’s been standing for longer than you’ve been alive. 

Water damage can occur from a freak occasion of bad weather to something within the home finally giving way after regular damage.

Whatever the case, preventing water damage is essential and if you’re someone who doesn’t fancy forking out a fortune for fixing this type of damage, then here are some useful tips worth knowing.

Actively check for leaks

Checking for leaks is the best way to help ensure your home stays dry and leak free. These leaks can come from anywhere, so checking under the sink and inspecting the bathroom shower and bathtub tabs, are both areas worth investigating.

Leaks that go undetected can cause some serious damage so spotting it before it gets any worse is going to help minimize the costs you pay to get it fixed.

Use waterproofing materials

If your home sits on land or is prone to excessive rainfall or weather conditions that could cause damage, then waterproofing materials are worth investing in. 

There are plenty of services out there so you don’t need to do it yourself. Seek out the right waterproofing company to find the best services needed to keep your home secure and dry.

Make sure all taps are turned off properly

Taps are something you want to be attentive to because if you’re not actively paying attention to them, they can also have a habit of leaking from the base. Make sure all your taps are turned off and pay attention to the surrounding area. 

Can you hear any taps dripping but can’t see anything visibly dripping? That could be a leak somewhere that can’t be seen.

Keep gutters free of debris

Gutters are something that you’ll want to keep free of debris, especially as they can cause a wealth of problems if left unoccupied to build up. The debris can cause stagnant water to form and that water can seep into the foundations of the home. 

That’s not something that you want to happen because structural damage can be harder to repair and could affect the value of your home further down the line.

Inspect for roofing

To help ensure the home stays dry, the roof is the most important part of the home that needs looking after. Your roofing should last around 25-50 years depending on what materials are used and how well it’s looked after.

However, you should always be attentive to the roofing and how it’s looking both visibly from the outside and on the inside. It’s difficult to look at the visibility of the roof on the outside but if you’re able to get a roof inspection annually, it’ll help to spot any potential issues and to put in preventative measures should they be needed. If you need a new roof, asphalt roofing is a great choice.

Preventing water damage is something you want to be active in doing, so use these tips to make sure you avoid water damage in general.

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