Top ways to make your house a home

Fed up with your house not feeling like your own home? 

Maybe you are moving to a new place and want to make it feel homely. Or you have lived in the same place for a while and not updated it - either way we are here to help. 

Your home is a place you spend many hours in, so of course you want it to feel as homely as possible. 

When it comes to making it feel homely, there are many ways you can do this. You can update the interiors, and add plants or decorate the walls. 

You could even buy fabrics online and have a go at making something yourself - depending on your budget will help you decide what thing you can change, however, the possibilities are endless!

To help you with making your house a home, follow our tips below. 

Fill in the empty spaces 

Empty spaces can make a home look empty and lonely - the complete opposite of cozy and homely. Spend some time walking around your home, taking note of any big spaces that are highly visible. 

Once you know how many big spaces you have, look to feel these with furniture pieces - you could buy a console table, purchase some plants - these are great for adding color - or add a coffee table to your living room if you don’t have one. 

When looking for inspiration, browse through some social media channels like Facebook or Instagram as these can be great for getting some ideas. 

Decorate your walls 

The walls of your home are another area that often gets left alone and can feel sparse. Mirrors are a great way to fill in the spaces - they make a room look bigger, add light and are very affordable. If you don’t want to buy a mirror, consider adding artwork or some pictures. If you enjoy taking photos, you can always print a few of your favorites and hang them up. 

Again, photos are another affordable option when making your house a home. If you live in a rented apartment and are not allowed to nail things into the walls, consider using command strips. 

Consider your lighting 

You’ll be amazed at how much of an effect your lighting can have on the feel of a room. Take a moment to take in your lighting - are you using lamps or having the main lights on? The main lights could be too bright. Why not look into purchasing some lamps to light up the corner of the rooms and for softer lighting? 

You can purchase smart bulbs so that they work with your Google or Alexa - these will save you money as they are more energy efficient. 

What tips do you have for making your house a home? Which of the above tips did you find most useful? Are there any tips that you think we should be adding to the above? 

If there is anything you would like to share that will benefit our readers, please let us know in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.

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