Costco Flooring | Personal Review & Things To Keep In Mind

 So as you all know exactly a week ago, we had our floors demolished and replaced in our living area and hallways. 

We are so happy with how they turned out. This small portion of our space needed this makeover stat. Though we didn't have a lot in our budget to do so, we knew because of the size of the space that it wouldn't cost a ton. 

We wanted to give Costco Flooring a try because of the reputation of Costco and we could use our membership and even get some money back.

This by all means is not a sponsored post, and Costco did not give us a discount or anything else in return for me writing this blog post with my personal opinion on our experience. 

So let me start by saying again that overall we're happy with the way the floors themselves turned out and the quality of the floors. 

When we moved into this house back in December, we knew that most of what we were going to replace or modify was going to be cosmetic, nothing major and we even thought we could live with our floors for quite a while. 

But a few weeks in, we realized that the two tone flooring and the cracked tile in the hallways wasn't going to work for very long. We considered our options and came to the conclusion that if we were going to invest in a project right away, it would definitely be this section of our floors.

When we were in Costco one day in December and though we hadn't decided who or how we'd go about getting the floors done, we picked up their flooring pamphlet and called the number to set up our appointment for them to come out and give us a quote. Left a message and they called us back soon after to set up our appointment with one of their sales representatives.

We met with them in our home, they measured everything, showed us flooring samples and gave us our quote right there and then, whole thing took less than an hour. It was great, but they also mentioned that demolition and installation are both through a third party. They only do the work but they don't do the preparation.

Below is a floor plan copy of the layout of what was going to be replaced to give you an idea. 

Demolition and installation happens in two days - two parts. 

Preparation The Day Prior

We had to make sure to move our furniture out of the room, cover as much of our spaces as possible because of the dust from the tile removal. This is not included in the process or an option. So if you don't want to do the preparation yourself, then clearly hiring them to do your floors is not ideal. We personally didn't mind because we hardly had any furniture in our living area and we basically put what we could in our empty rooms accessible right off the living room.

Day 1 - Floor Demo Day

Third party crew of two arrive to remove our old flooring. They removed our baseboards as carefully as possible. But keep in mind they DO NOT put the baseboards back for you, again, this is not an option or included in the process. They also take all of the old flooring away with them.

The guys working were professional and did a fairly good job at cleaning up as best as possible but they do not put down any protective paper down for us to walk on while we wait till the next day for installation, again that was on us to decide if we wanted to take the time to do so. We placed down old cardboard flat boxes from our move that we had on hand rather than taping anything down.

They do leave the floor material boxes for the guys arriving the next day.

Day 2 - New Floors Get Installed

Different guys arrive from the same third party company that worked on our floor removal process but they happen to arrive earlier and move enthusiastic and ready to work.

These two guys hustled and got our floors done within 5 hours. Very polite and professional, but again only the floors get installed not our baseboards.

They did sweep and cleaned as best they could considering and took away any or all trash necessary.


Once the floors were down and done, any of the pros or cons seemed small things and worth it considering the price, the turnaround time and how nice they turned out.

The way I see it, if we had wanted those extra things done, such as the furniture covered and all or any protective coverings plus baseboards put back, having had the extra funds we probably would have paid a different contractor to do so. But also, considering it's Costco, you would think that those things would be included in the process at a small cost.

All in all, it comes down to your preference and budget. It worked out for us in this instance. We also receive a cash back rebate having used our Costco membership. The higher the membership the higher the rebate amount.

Would we go through Costco flooring again in the future? That's a decision that would come down to what we're working with budget wise in the future, but if I had to decide right now, I would say no. I'd definitely do more research and look into someone highly recommended based on professionalism and what they include in the process.

So there you have it, if there's any questions you have for us that I might've missed, by all means, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

The color and material of flooring we chose is linked below. The company Costco uses for flooring is an affiliate of theirs.

We chose Coretec Pro Plus Vinyl - Springfield Oak flooring.

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