Budget Friendly DIY Kitchen Makeover | Phase 1

 We're slowly making progress in making this home feel like our own. 

A clean canvas if you will is what we want this home to feel like for now until we're ready to make more drastic changes. Slowly but surely. In the meantime we want it to at reflect somewhat part of us and feel and be liveable.

A complete renovation of the kitchen is in store a few years down the road, but it's decent enough to work with at the moment so only a few cosmetic DIY modifications were needed to really spruce it up. Really excited to finish it soon enough.

Just to give you a glimpse here is the before.....

Very orange cabinets which by the way in great condition and easy enough to paint over.

This house was built in 2000 therefore it's not so old that anything needed to be gutted right away but definitely needs a lot of cosmetic updating. 

I love that the cabinets were enough ruffed up that the varnish they once had was pretty much worn off and the pores of the wood were open for a new coat of paint. So all I did to prep before paint was give them a good cleaning and I'll link everything I used at the end of this post.

I did some research and decided that chalk paint was the best route for these cabinets and in my experience with this particular paint has been very good and long lasting. After giving them a couple of light coats (because chalk paint is very thick) let them cure over night and sealed them the following day with a couple of coats of poly. 

I then finished painting the walls around them and now we're waiting on a few things we still need to make this budget friendly DIY makeover feel complete for the time being.

  • Light fixture above the sink
  • Peel & Stick backsplash for behind the stove
  • Hardware for the cabinets (both doors and drawers)

I used Country Chic Paints 'Sunday Tea' for the top cabinets and Country Chic Paints 'Driftwood' for the bottom. They almost give off a grayish tone but they are more of a muted tan and brown tone.

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