Upcycled Living Room TV Console Makeover

 So excited to finally be sharing this makeover with you guys.  

The before, wow, when we picked up this piece was in pretty bad shape but I knew it was heavy and sturdy and just big enough of a piece that was needed for the main living room space.

I found it on FB Marketplace of course and for a fraction of the price that a new piece smaller than this would have cost if we would have bought it new.

It was missing the glass from the doors and had quite a few nicks and scratches all around, nothing a furniture maker couldn't fix temporarily and I even debated leaving it the original wood color and simply fixing the doors situation. 

But after doing a poll over on Instagram it was clear that painting it was the way to go and I'm so happy we did because it gives our space a more sophisticated look.

This project wasn't hard or time consuming at all. And that's what I love about the chalk paint that I use on furniture, it covers well enough the first coat that for the second coat you barely have to cover much.

After painting the piece I let it cure over night, the next day I sealed it in clear wax. It's the perfect matte sheen and easy enough to wipe or dust clean when needed. 

I also, rubbed and buffed the knobs then all I did was staple the cane webbing onto the doors and voila!


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