Dog Allergies + Essentials You Need On Hand

You guys know how much we adore and care for our dogs and I'm sure you do too.  Which means we need to also worry about their own needs versus our own.

They're a selfless species and we need to remember that they suffer from the same aches and pains even allergies that we may suffer from, from time to time. And sadly they can't tell us about them, so we need to help them most when they're helpless.

Dogs believe it or not also get allergies and not just in the Spring but in the Summer and Fall and even Winter too depending on their breed and truly nowadays, seasons are just unpredictable.

We've only had Lola our boxer for close to two years and we've noticed some of the allergies she gets from the weather and seasonal changes.  As Solo too but more so Lola due to her breed. Some are just more sensitive than others. If you do your research then you'll know.


Lola loves her walks and goes out on walks a lot more often than Solo our Shih Tzu does therefore we make sure to give her a good wipe down after each time she comes in from outside, mostly her paws, we'll either use dog wipes or dog towels to do so. If she's been out for an excessive amount of time in the backyard on grass then we make sure to wipe her down all over due to the pollen. 

She has come in with very red paws and even a small rash on her tummy in a short amount of time, so to prevent that from happening we do our due diligence to keep it from. happening again and again.


Lola's breed also has sensitive ears and tends to build up a lot of ear wax and if we don't keep them clean they could get an ear infection. But lately due to the weather changing the outside of her ears tend to get very itchy and dry and also itchy from the wax that she builds up.

Therefore keeping them clean is necessary and we tend to clean them about two or three times a week.


The dog itching soothing spray helps with all of the above. Keeping their skin moist (since we can lather them up with lotion) helps with dryness and gives them a barrier against dry weather.


Oatmeal shampoo is great for dogs with dry skin and any that suffer from extra dryness or bumps due to seasonal changes so definitely keep that in mind and invest in a good oatmeal shampoo for them. If you tend to take them to get groomed, you can definitely ask them to use an oatmeal shampoo for when they bathe them.


Another great thing to have around for your dog. If you also live in a state with snow or extra dry heat then applying a paw balm keeps their paws healthy and from cracking or getting extra dry.

Lola tends to have very big paws so this is necessary to have for her and she tends to like to run and run around a lot so her paws take a good beating.

Hope you find this post helpful to your dogs needs and if you have any helpful suggestions, I'm all ears, we don't know everything but we love sharing what we've come to learn to help ourselves and others in the process.

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