Adding Wow To Your Outdoor Spaces

Your backyard can be full of potential; regardless of the size, you can add the wow factor to pretty much any space and turn it from a boring space at the back of your home to an outdoor wonderland to relax in, dine in, play about in, and more.

Whatever floats your boat when it comes to how you want to enjoy your garden, there is a possibility you can do just that.

Adding a wow factor won't just bring you enjoyment when you use your backyard. It can also help you to improve the value of your home as a well-landscaped yard can yield a 65% return on investment come resale. 

Even if you don't have the space to make massive changes, you can still add some beneficial options to help you get the most from the garden.


Paving can be instrumental in transforming your yard. You can create a whole host of designs using paving, and pavers are available in various colors, patterns, and materials for your chosen style and aesthetics. Companies like Belgard have pavers made from slate, stone concrete, and more in different textures and sizes to complete your look or even be the main attraction itself!

Dining Areas

If you have the space and really want to create an outstanding focal point, you can design your own seating space complete with a wall to define the area, built-in furniture, a pergola, and even a fire pit, BBQ, or pizza oven for a full outdoor kitchen. 

From here, you can add in spectacular accessories such as living flame fires in the flooring ready to toast marshmallows over, adjustable tables for moving from formal to informal dining outside, and even retractable coverings to help protect from the weather so you can still sit outside even if the weather changes.

Different Levels

If you have a long expanse of ground that looks a bit boring and uneventful, why not try breaking it up into different levels? You can have a level for dining and relaxing, a kid's play place, a dog-friendly area, a pool, or even a sports section. The levels don't have to be dramatic. A step or two down can help you to define the space and create separate areas that allow you to overhaul the landscape and give your backyard something extra.

Living Wall

Living walls are walls that are covered with plants and foliage and are fed via an irrigation system that is fed by a pump to ensure all greenery is altered properly and kept looking lush at all times. The beauty of these walls is that they can be both indoor and outdoor features and are ideal for a wide range of gardens, even those on the smaller side. The reason being they are on the walls and take up very little ground space. 

This means that nature lovers, you don't have to worry about choosing between having plants or not that will eat into your space as you can utilize unused walls and bring them quite literally to life.

The real way to add wow to your garden is to look at how you use it and what you want from it. The best designs are those that are well executed with functionality in mind and work for the family designing them.

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