New To Gardening? Common Garden Issues You Should Know About

If you’re a new gardener, welcome to one of the most fulfilling hobbies you’ll pick up! 

However, there’s a lot to learn along the way; gardening is a pretty robust activity, but the more you know about the delicateness of cultivating green life, the better. 

So, if you want to set up a garden this year, you’ve still got time to plan

Just make sure you’re aware of how many problems might come your way - here are a few of the most common you’ll want to know about ahead of time. 

Number One Issue: Weeds

The weeds are going to bloom in drones when you first get out there to garden! It might have been years since they were last all pulled up, and who knows what seeds the wind and various animals have carried onto the soil since that time? 

So, what’s your job here? It’s to identify the weeds, make sure you know what you’re pulling, and then rip them up at the root. You want to get the whole system out to ensure they don’t come back in a couple months time. 

Watch Out for Pests

It’s normal to see bugs in the garden, and also, you want them to be there! 

However, if you’re going to clearly section out your garden into planting areas, patio, and lawn, you’re going to want to use some pest clearing methods to keep your outdoor space safe. 

For example, you might want to call in a company like Patio Patrol if you notice mosquito nests near your back door, or ant nests underneath your decking. Get rid of the problem at the root and your garden can become a safe haven for a lot more wildlife! 

Noticing Black or White Spots on Leaves

If you’ve been trimming the hedge and found black spots on the leaves, or a kind of powdery white substance on the leaves and stems, it could spell real trouble! Both are signs of an infection or a fungus, which quickly spreads, and could end up killing off whole plants if you’re not careful. 

So be sure to identify such issues as soon as you can, cut off the leaves and bin them, and be sure to trim back any stems that present with these symptoms. 

You can also use chemical sprays to keep the infection from returning, be sure to use these in small amounts - it’s best to get the organic kinds to prevent runoff from being too damaging. 

Be Careful About Overwatering

Overwatering can cause big problems! It can lead to plants wilting and shrinking back, as well as prevent growth and make the ground too soft and mulchy. This can destroy the roots as they try to take hold, and even make it harder for insects like worms to do their good work under the ground! 

Gardening is a super fun hobby, but it’s easy to make mistakes! Take your time experimenting, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice. 

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