The Pros & Cons Of Getting An Air Fryer For Your Kitchen

Air fryers are all the rage these days with everyone recommending them. They’re popping up on my social feeds all the time, so it’s time to look at why people are buying them. Or, more specifically, why should you consider getting one for your kitchen? 

It’s only fair to take an unbiased approach, so let’s look at some of the potential drawbacks of air fryers along with the positives. 

Air Fryer Advantages

Based on what people are saying - and after doing a bit of added research - here are the main reasons to get an air fryer in your kitchen: 

Save Energy

Air fryers use considerably less electricity than typical ovens. In fact, it’s reported they are almost doubly efficient in terms of energy consumption. If you cook with your air fryer more than you do with your oven, you could save a lot of money while reducing your carbon footprint. 

Extremely Versatile

An air fryer can be used to make way more recipes than you ever thought imaginable. They’re not just good at frying - they can grill, bake, and reheat too. You can make desserts in an air fryer, main meals, and so much more. It’s the ultimate kitchen gadget in this regard. 

Better For Your Health

One of the main reasons air fryers became popular wasn’t due to the energy savings, but rather the health benefits. Because you use less oil when cooking, it reduces the calories per meal. In theory, this means that the same meal could be a lot healthier when cooked in an air fryer compared to an oven or on the cooktop. 

Easier To Clean

Have you ever dealt with the horrors of cleaning an oven? It’s so hard getting all the grease off the racks and around the sides. Genuinely, this is an all-day job. With an air fryer, you can take it apart and clean the components with ease. All it takes is a swift wipe and you’re done. 

Potentially Free Up Space

If you use an air fryer and never use your oven again, this potentially frees up space in your kitchen. You can remove the oven and convert the extra space into another cabinet for more storage or a food prep station; you name it. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, this could be a budget-friendly idea that gives you some additional space. 

Air Fryer Disadvantages

Right now, things are looking good. But, what are some of the possible drawbacks of getting an air fryer for your kitchen? 

Fire Hazard

For the most part, an oven isn’t going to be a huge fire hazard. However, air fryers have been known to cause kitchen fires. This is because they’re placed on certain surfaces and get so hot that they create a fire. It is rare for this to happen, but you need to take extra care or you might end up phoning some residential fire damage cleanup service specialists. Because an oven stays in one place and is designed to get super hot and remain safe, it’s less of a hazard. 


Simply put, air fryers are small. They’re very versatile, but the versatility ends when you can’t fit certain things in the fryer. It might not be an issue for everyone, but if you’re hoping to completely switch from an oven to an air fryer, this is probably the biggest point holding you back. 

Takes Time To Learn

Normally, cooking things is fairly easy as you put them in the oven or in a pan for a set number of minutes, and they’re ready. With an air fryer, it can take some getting used to. You have to play around with the settings and cooking times to ensure you get an even cook every time. 

Potentially Takes Up Too Much Space

Ironically, one big disadvantage of air fryers is that they take up a lot of kitchen space! You can negate this if you are swapping it out for an oven, but what if you’re not? Or, what if you live in an apartment and don’t have a choice? Adding an air fryer to your kitchen can take up precious counter space or space in your cabinets. 


Looking at the pros and cons, there are some pretty good reasons to add an air fryer to your kitchen. If you’re looking to save energy or cook healthier meals every day, it could be a great alternative to your other cooking methods. As long as you have enough space and use it safely, it may be a nice and affordable kitchen upgrade. 

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