Is Saving Time With a Moving Company Really Worth the Cost?

For some people, moving is perhaps one of the most stressful things that they can do in life. 

Packing up everything they own into boxes, trying to organize their stuff, and then moving it all to a new home that could potentially be on the other side of the world is not exactly someone’s idea of fun. 

Thankfully, we can all put our feet up and hire a professional moving company to do the work for us. In some cases, you can even hire people to put all of your stuff into boxes for you–as long as you’re fine with them potentially seeing your hidden belongings!

But is it really worth it? You get to save a lot of time and effort, but for many people, the process of moving does come with a few upsides. 

So in this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the reasons why you might want to pack and move yourself, and if it’s even worth it over just hiring a professional company to help you.

Remove the stress of moving with a professional mover

As mentioned, moving can be stressful. Depending on your circumstances, you might end up spending several days packing up all of your stuff. If you have a pretty large house, then expect to spend even longer just to get all of your stuff into boxes! One of the biggest problems with moving is just not having enough time to do all of this while you’re on a tight schedule, so it’s often best to get started as soon as possible. 

However, it’s not uncommon for people to leave it last minute, especially if they have to juggle their work responsibilities as well.

It’s also stressful when you think about handling it all by yourself. Sure, if you’re moving with some roommates or family members, then the responsibility can be shared. However, if you’re moving by yourself into a new apartment or house, then most of the work is going to be carried out by you. 

Unless you have a few good friends and family members that are willing to help, then you’ll be spending a lot of evenings after work packing things into boxes and planning out how you’re going to transport them.

Simply put, hiring a moving company is going to make things a whole lot less stressful–and we think this is well worth the cost. It’s probably the main reason why people decide to hire a mover in the first place–because they don’t want to deal with all of the associated stress of the logistics.

Depending on the circumstances, a professional mover could save you money

You might be surprised to find out that a moving company could potentially save you money. Yes, even though you’ll be paying a lot of fees and labor costs, you could actually save money by hiring movers instead of doing it yourself.

While the cost of hiring the movers might seem high, you need to compare it to several other costs–and hidden costs–in order to really get a comparison. 

For starters, there are obvious costs such as how much you’ll be paying to rent a moving truck. 

Of course, this depends on if you need to hire one in the first place, but generally speaking, most people will need to hire a rental truck if they’re going to be moving a lot of goods.

If you only have a couple of boxes of stuff to move, then you could probably get away with a regular car or even shipping those boxes across the country. But if you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of stuff that can only fit into a truck–especially if you only want to make one journey. But renting a truck isn’t the only cost to consider. You have to think about paying for insurance, the daily rate (if you can’t make it in just one trip) and also fuel costs.

You also have to think about the potential cost of moving if you have to take time off work. If you can’t dedicate much time to moving, then you’ll probably have to take a few days off work which might be costing you money. This doesn’t apply if you have paid time off, but it can be frustrating to juggle if you don’t.

And finally, the cost of buying packing materials can be a little expensive, especially if you need to pack or protect things like furniture. Moving something large, heavy, and costly such as a piano or an antique piece of furniture can be really daunting for people. 

Not only are the packing materials fairly specific, but the potential to damage it if you’re not careful can be really tricky to deal with. There are many professional movers out there that can guarantee they won’t damage your belongings, and if they do, there’s insurance to cover it.

Sometimes, the added peace of mind is worth the price

Peace of mind is something that we tend to undervalue a lot. When you have a great team of movers with you, it can completely remove any stress of moving and give you plenty of time to do other things during the move. 

You could start canceling or transferring your services to a new provider, you can think about what to eat for dinner so you aren’t skipping meals, and you can look forward to your new life in a new location.

Moving can be a daunting process and we firmly believe that the cost of paying a mover is worth it. Of course, taking the move into your own hands can be perfectly fine too if you have a bit of experience or some helping hands. 

But at the end of the day, the peace of mind that comes with a professional moving team typically outweighs any sense of satisfaction you can get from packing up and moving your own stuff, and it also makes more sense from a financial standpoint too.

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