Kids Play Kitchen Makeover

 I had to you guys! I'm obsessed with small things and a kids play kitchen is one of them.  I've made over a kids play kitchen before for my niece a few years back but this time it's for my grandson.  It's one of those play things that I think every child should embrace while they're young enough to appreciate it. I can still remember being a kid and playing kitchen or restaurant or store and they're some of the best memories growing up.

But what's even more fun is being able to give some of these play kitchens a little facelift to fit your own home aesthetic.

That being said, let's move on onto details shall we.

I purchased this kitchen for only $40 on FBMP and though it's out of stock at Walmart normally this kitchen costs about $189! Yeah, so this was definitely a win and the kitchen itself was in great condition when I picked it up minus a few loose screws which I already knew about.

One of the doors is still lose because I haven't been able to find the hardware I need but until then it's been able to stay in place as is.

This is what the kitchen normally looks like, below.

Yes, it's definitely cute as is and very chic, I love it. And love all of the detail and its design plus storage. Not to mention it gives me vintage modern vibes. Which is what I loved most.

BUT what I wasn't loving was the blue clock and backsplash and I wanted it to fit our home's current state and aesthetic.

The above photo gives off an off-white almost ivory affect but it's actually white and therefore I didn't have to give the whole kitchen an uplift or makeover only a few small details.

Of course I started by giving it a good wipe down.

And soon after it continued with that small landscape art photo frame that I stuck on with some double sided 3M tape, I've had this art photo for a couple of years now, I had accidentally had it printed in a 4x6 size therefore I didn't intend to use it until I also accidentally found a picture frame that it fit in. 

I figured I'd use it in my office on a shelf or something but then a lightbulb went off and it covered the clock perfectly. Then I removed the handles, sink and faucet and spray painted them in bronze gold. I knew I wanted to do that right off the bat and so I did and I love how it enhanced the look of this kitchen immediately.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do next, so of course nothing better than taking a trip to the Dollartree to get my juices flowing because I always tend to find some kind of DIY solution whenever I go there.

Sure enough I did and this is what I found. Not a lot but just enough.

Happy with what I came home with.

So backsplash replacement was a must and I wasn't sure if I only wanted to paint it or fully cover it with the stick on tiles I had found.

Therefore I got to work and realized I could do both.

Again I used paint I already had, I can't stress this enough, shop your home before going out to buy. You'll be amazed at what you have laying around especially if you tend to have extra paint from previous projects. 

In this case I happened to have extra paint that I plan to use on our front door. It's a project that I have yet to get around to doing but I figure why not use a little for this project which didn't require much.

After painting the backsplash, I then cut out the stick on tiles to fit the bottom portion of the backsplash.  I didn't want to cover the whole backing with tile because there are hooks at the top to hang pots, spatulas, etc.

I don't even mind that the stick on tiles have a silver outline because it gives it more character and nowadays its okay to mix metals and metallic tones.

That was all I did to enhance the look of this kitchen to give it a wow factor. And to enhance its cuteness and suit our home aesthetic. Saylor is already playing with it, we just need to stock up on more faux groceries so that he can eventually make us a delicious meal :)

So what do you think?  Feel free to share your thoughts and/or additional tips in the comments below. I always look forward to hearing your ideas!

Remember to head over to your local dollar store for these easy DIY finds.

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Always so happy you're here and hope that these ideas inspire you daily. 

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