Outdoor Pool Renovation Ideas to Bring It Back to Life

Not speaking from experience but definitely something we plan for the future in our own backyard oasis.

Outdoor pool renovation is a massive task, and you will need some help. It can also be pretty expensive, but there are some key areas that can bring it back to life after years of neglect or usage. 

From water features to lighting and everything in between, here are some suggestions.

Revamp the Pool Surround

The areas around your pool are the most used, and this can also make or break the look. You will get far more enjoyment from a pool with tiling, paving, or resurfacing. And there is even a safety aspect to this as well. 

Trips are the most common cause of pool accidents in the 11 million pools in US homes. Revamping this is as simple as adding stone, concrete, or terracotta Mexican tiles outdoors around your pool and the surrounding area for looks and for safety.

Add a Water Feature, Of Course

Pools are cool as they are, and a bit of retiling will bring it back to life. But any pool is made more charming with water features. Whether it’s a simple sprinkler or a built-in waterfall, the look of rushing water looks amazing, and the sound is even better. 

It can also add a little more fun to your pool as the kids love playing with water features. And sitting under one can be as relaxing as the pool itself. The overall visual and aural ambiance of your pool area will just be elevated.

Pool Renovation Includes Seating Areas

It’s not all about swimming when you have a pool. The pool is great, yeah, but there is an entire backyard to enjoy. What makes a pool even better? A beautiful sitting area. A patio area is a great way to enhance your outdoor space and adds a touch of elegance. Outdoor sofas and chairs, loungers, and, of course, a fire pit will have you enjoying long summer nights well after the sun goes down. It’s also best to keep the aesthetic of a sitting area the same as your pool.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

You will need light to enjoy those summer nights when the sun has set. Adding light allows you to see, of course, but it also highlights the beautiful surfaces of stone, tile, and other natural elements. The overall ambiance of the swimming pool area is lifted by magical outdoor lighting, meaning you will enjoy the time outside even more. 

Further, the whole area also becomes much safer, so no one accidentally stumbles into the pool, which can get quite dark at night time.

Hire a Reliable Landscaper

A pool area has the potential to become something of an outdoor oasis in your very own home. Integrating the pool with surrounding land is something that can transform a pool from a functional amenity into part of your property’s natural beauty. This makes the whole area multifunctional alongside the patio and other fittings, adding to the quality of life. It can also help increase your property’s resale value by appealing to the things that buyers want these days. 


Revamping your poolside area adds a great visual style and improves safety. It also helps to add somewhere to relax and enjoy the ambiance, made better with professional landscaping.

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