Small Ways to Make Your Home Feel more Comfortable

Do you feel as though your home isn’t very comfortable? 

If so then now is the time for you to make a change. 

If you follow this guide, you will be able to make a huge difference to your property in no time at all.

Eliminate Cold Drafts

If your home has a draft and it is making you feel a little uncomfortable then now is the time for you to make a change. Living in an older property doesn’t mean that you have to be uncomfortable during the cold winter months. 

Make the effort to fix your drafty windows without installing new ones, by simply sealing them. If you want to let more fresh air into your home during summer but want to avoid bugs then one thing you can do is look into patio screen enclosures.

Increase Insulation

If you can, take the time to increase insulation and airflow. This will help you to solve stuffy rooms, once and for all. If your rooms feel stuffy then there is a high chance that your insulation is not good enough, or that you have issues with your HVAC. 

Sure, you can use a portable air conditioning unit, or even a box fan if you want to fix the issue on a temporary basis. Over the long term however, this won’t do you any favors.

Embrace Natural Light

Natural light will have a huge impact on your home. Not only does the warmth of sunlight help to boost your mood, it will also make your home feel more inviting and opening. If you are concerned about natural light making your home feel warmer than it needs to be during the summer they make sure that you use sheer, or even white cotton curtains to deflect the heat. Bright sunlight that shines through all year round will make your home feel way better.

Cozy LEDs

LED bulbs can be a great choice when it comes to your home’s overall energy efficiency. Some LEDs however have a tendency to give off a very harsh hue. Harsh and bright lighting can be overwhelming to people within the home. 

If you want to do something about this then try to add a touch of cozy comfort by swapping out your bulbs for ones that have a warming LED glow. Try and avoid white or blue hues, and you will soon see what a difference this makes to your home.

Fabric Curtains

Another thing you can do is try and buy some fabric curtains. They are ideal if you want to add more texture and color to your home, not to mention that it helps to add a lot of additional insulation. Adding curtains helps you to block out any breeze, as this is especially useful if you haven’t had your windows sealed. 

If you have blinds then this is fine, but curtains will do a way better job when it comes to heat retention, so make sure that you keep that in mind as it will make a major difference to your home.

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