Hey there! Welcome to my blog, I'm Sandra, a lifestyle blogger, fitness and wellness enthusiast creating content inspired and curated from personal interests and daily activities.

I'm so glad you're here. 

I am born and raised in Orange County, California, my husband is a Nevada native, but also raised in the OC and we're currently still living near the beach cities of Orange County, with plans of moving out of state to live a simpler life when the time is right.

We bought our very first home four years ago and personally I've always had an interest for home design and decor as a hobby, not to mention entertaining and anything that makes life fun and easier.

I have quite the knack for all things creative, from throwing frugal birthday parties for my family and friends to also having a passion for writing which brought me to finally doing it from a keyboard and turned into a blog. 

Though we are a family of four, we are really a family of six! Our two fur balls are our babies.

I've been with my husband since high school for the last 21 years and married for 8 of them. We have two amazingly talented children, our son, 16 and daughter, 20.

 I originally created Charmed Crown Blog (now Charmed Crown & Co) as a way to share with family and friends to keep in touch and share my ideas and DIY projects, plus its slowly become a creative outlet for me... and I really love it!

When I'm not busy working at my 6-hour day job or living life then I'm usually here or on Instagram sharing it all with you. 

I hope you enjoy reading all that I share on this little cyber space of mine and can't thank you guys enough for stopping by!



Happy to answer any questions you have, just shoot me an email or DM over on Instagram!


  1. Hey Sandra! Nice to meet you! I see a bit of my story in yours! I married my high school sweetheart, and I'm 29 with an almost 10 year old. I believe we had our daughters about the same age. That always makes me feel connected to other mamas who have traveled a similar road of being a young mom. Anyways, Love the blog! I'm over from Making Me Too. Just stoping by & subscribed. :)

    1. I love this, having a little something in common with other mama bloggers is very inspiring to me too, and thank you for stopping by and subscribing also, looking forward to bumping into you in the cyber world and continue chatting!


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